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Update: Friday, April 24

Rather than doing 5 common questions we are bring Duane Hopper to talk about the current condition in the market and the use of the Force Majuere form (22FM).


We were not able to get the link from Employment Security Department. We were told this would be recorded; when we can get a copy of that recording we will make sure to provide access.

In other new, let's talk about the PPP loan as an independent contractors:

CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center is not a financial adviser, tax adviser, legal advisor or expert in any facet of the information provided below, in writing or verbally. All persons are to consult licensed professionals for planning and strategy for use of the programs described. CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center only offers this following information, copied or collated from other informational sites and has no liability to its accuracy or availability for any individual or corporate entity. 

Lots of new content added to the AGENT portal this week:


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