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Daily Update: Wednesday, March 18

Issues pertaining to the COVID 19 seems to be changing hourly, however, we have not seem much of any shift in business as regards to buyers and seller activities. We still have new listings coming on market, we still have contracts being created and we still have closings as scheduled. The big change is really the way some buyers and sellers are looking towards the days ahead. In the video below, Duane addresses some of the questions he is receiving from brokers today including "Is it in the best interest of my sellers to list now or wait?" and "What should we do about hosting an open house?". Please take the time to watch this video and subscribe to this blog for future updates.

Continue to practice "Social Distancing", good hand washing practices and stay home if you are not feeling well. We will be discussing virtual listing appointments tomorrow along with some opportunities to learn about some tech tools to help you do more from home rather than in the field. Thank you and stay safe!


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